Thursday, 26 September 2013



Sep 26-2013 : The vantage of Telugu Cinema doesn’t ascertain whether it is in an advantage or a disadvantage bearing credit to the ongoing eccentric drama in the state in more than one way.

In what could have been an utter possibility of the first lines of the song ‘Idhi Ranarangam’ in Ramayya Vastavayya becoming a reality between Ramayya Vastavayya and Attharintiki Daredhi, the piracy & leakage drama surrounding the later changed the possibility and again the vantage point leaves you in position whether there is an advantage or a disadvantage due to the tight clash being avoided.

The lyrics of the song going this way :

When two Titans like NTR & Pawan Kalyan at least have a possibility of clashing at the box-office with not much gap of time frame, the mindset of the fanatics of theirs always goes in harmony with the above intense lines.  Fortunately or unfortunately the gap amplified and the clash could be delayed by a bit.

Striking the point after introducing the topic abruptly, the common man’s attention & interest in the state is losing direction. The common man can usually get spurred and excited neither with a good nor with a bad issue but with the BEST & the WORST issues and aspects because it works in extremes with the public as a whole. Now that the politics in the state almost heading towards the WORST point scenario ever witnessed in the open era, there is not much scope left for the man to enjoy the pleasure of getting spurred with the BEST possible issues. The BEST possible things being those that result in the BEST possible feelings, thoughts, actions and those in majority being Cinema, Sport, Art or social creatives. If the common man starts ignoring the WORST, the Worst could at least become Worse or at least bad if not the Best for that matter.

Standing at the Hill-top, you are at a Vantage to get an overview of the vicinity of the hill. Any conscious observer is at a Vantage of the things going on in what’s supposed to be the 4th largest state in the 7th largest country of the 5th Largest Planet-Andhra Pradesh.
The most conscious thing is that everyone is so unconscious about how disadvantageous a chaos in a state could unfold to be. It is always important to foresee things and to be proactive.

Its wondering why the point is viewed initially from the point of view of Cinema. It is so because the very thought arose from the thought of how the clash between Ramayya & Pawan is going to shape up. And why should the clash happen if both were supposed not usually to be, why did it finally not happen and the reason being the drama having its roots from the political politics.

One should never forget the matrix or the point of origin.

I still feel that the intense clash of Ramayya Vastavayya & Attharintiki Daredhi would have surely excited the public and would have got back Tollywood right on track. If not otherwise, Attharintiki Daredhi clicks at the Box-Office, it will be good and will cause good and gives more than enough hope and excitement for Ramayya Vastavayya that could actually catch up the momentum and shift it further to the next coming GIGANTIC Projects.

Let and wish the vantage ascertain an advantage in the soonest of the days to come.