Sunday, 5 August 2018

An Unparalleled Experience with TAMANNAAH

An Unparalleled Experience with TAMANNAAH

Heaven is said to be a cosmological and transcendent place where beings such as angels, gods and saints are said to originate, be enthroned, or live. Heavenly beings can descend to earth and earthly beings can ascend to Heaven in the afterlife, or in exceptional cases enter Heaven alive. On the 31st of July 2018, I have had the exceptional & rarest of the rarest opportunity to go to heaven alive, see, meet, talk and have dinner with the heaven’s most cherubic angel. 

Until then, I never ever believed in the phenomena of other-world but in 48 hours after seeing and meeting a woman, I deeply understood, analyzed, felt and started to believe that heaven and hell aren’t other-world but are right in this world, heaven being the most pure, holy, divine, beautiful & comfortable place and hell being the most normal, dirty, cunning and brutal place. If the place where the angel is living is the former, the normal world where I and normal people like me live is the latter. 

The mere imagination of an angel living in paradise has become a real visual before the retina of my eye. Apart from expressing some great achievements, I never felt the adjectives like better and best in my life’s happenings yet with the opinion that better and best shall be even better. But I can state firmly that the day I met Tamannaah is the best in my life till now in terms of experience & emotion.

Due to my goal-oriented life-style or say due to my shyness, excusing my tiny world, I never got the opportunity to talk to people up-close and understand them inside out though I have an idea what one could be after a professional discussion. After a three hour pure professional discussion, I got a strong feeling that she is the loveliest, sharpest, wittiest, wisest and the most impactful human being I have seen in my life, her achievements and reputation perfectly consolidate how much of a pure soul she is. 

Having met and narrated stories to her contemporary stars in the recent past, I expected the meeting & narration to be just one other routine where the star listens to you with a serene mindset and you have to be at your intense best. But from the moment the door opened after I pressed the calling bell, I felt extra-special as I was received inside with the most grounded and heart-warming welcome ever. I was asked to enter with my shoes on while I was unsettling them. I raised my head up and put my leg inside to see the angel in the paradise walking forward to greet & welcome me. With a real, genuine feeling of happiness I put my hand forward to shake hands indicating the beginning of a professional discussion. Being the epitome of professionalism in the stream of acting which I have been mentioning to people around me from years, she shook the hand better than any professional. Her pet ‘Pebbles’ has become curious to know who I am and why I am there; their mutual love & conversations are starting to strengthen my opinion that she is an extra-special woman. The hospitality that is being displayed by her and her family is the best in this world. I say the best in the world as it has a subtle logic behind it: Amongst the various hospitalities across the planet, Indian hospitality is unparalleled. Indians are emotional even in hosting a guest and consider guests to be godly. I fairly have was a guest at several people’s homes, friends, relatives, colleagues, strangers and celebrities. The quality of hospitality is expected to be in the descending order in the fore-mentioned list for a normal common-man like me but in this case it has been the best one could ever experience and I can strongly say that she has the best hospitality on this earth right now. I still needed time to digest what I am experiencing and so I just decided to jump into the core point of the meeting, the narration. To my utmost joy, she was so ready and curious to know the story as much as I am to tell her. I was able to clearly see her hunger for success, desire to perform and the penchant to entertain in her soulful eyes as she was listening to the story with no mind but just listening which is so damn rare and almost impossible. Several special, delicious and cute-looking dishes are arriving on the table. I did not taste even one as I did not want to look clumsy in any way before possibly the most beautiful woman. Tharun Kumar had the opportunity to taste the dishes which were made in heaven. She reaffirmed the belief in the story by conveying that she had called us right-away as the plot sounds something very promising which made my narration a smooth-flow. At the mid-point of the meeting I took a 2-minute break to come back and understand what exactly is happening. I analyzed that her presence is very real and can be felt sharply. Her reactions are very genuine and very simple but impactful than anybody else I have seen till date. I started to feel what she is as a person. I spoke to her soul which is real like that of a baby without the intervention of mind and ideology. We meet lot of people every day and we don’t get a sense of what they are. Even if we get a sense, we rarely come across people who are as pure as the full moon. She is purer than full moon and brighter than hot sun. She has gone into the kitchen and came back with two cups of ‘Chai’ with her own divine hands. I wondered how fortunate I am to be hosted by the angel in her paradise. I sipped twice and we are back into the second half of the narration. She spoke out in Telugu to know more and asked me to speak in pure Telugu. Pebbles seemed to like me and he was walking around me as I was narrating looking to me with a sense of thought & understanding that I have too much respect for his angelic sister. I looked at him with the corner of my eye and smiled at him for his keenness. As we reach the pre-climax, the character in the story is at its peak so is my wilful thought to make this project only with her at any cost as I concluded the story. She has seen the modern world 50 times of what I have seen but she has listened to my narration 50 times more focused than her other contemporaries. Even stronger did I feel that the energy & hunger in her haven’t been explored by any Director. I expressed to her that I have been consistently telling Tharun that on the silver-screen, Tamannaah needs to be shown as an angel down to earth from heaven and when S.S.Rajamouli Sir has portrayed her on the same lines in a song in ‘Baahubali’, my belief in my thought-process even strengthened. She had a subtle smile on her face which had zero arrogance or self-esteem but complete simplicity. The mother who had given birth to a fairy-angel insisted to have dinner when we are about to leave. I didn’t want to trouble them but when she herself insisted, I just couldn’t say ‘no’. I get even more fortunate to be served dinner by the angel herself with her divine hands. Her diet explains her discipline, ideology and professionalism. I asked her if we could capture the moment, she was as excited as I am. 

Tamannaah’s thought-process is very simple – simple & clear. She knows what the real world is, though she has seen the world in its best shape most of her life. Her thoughts, deeds & intentions are grounded and honest. Unlike most of her contemporaries who landed in the industry of cinema accidentally or by minimal effort, Tamannaah has stepped in with an iron-will and distant vision. When she told me, at the age of 3, she decided to be in the Entertainment Industry and at the age of 14, when she met a reputed Director and he asked what she wants to become, she was straight & clear saying ’Heroine’, I could only feel inspired & determined than ever.  Her very wise Father predominantly guided her and stood by her in this dangerous world, salutes to you Sir. She offered a dessert post the delicious dinner and I again I couldn’t say ‘no’ to her though I am worried that I would put up weight. No wonder you should understand that the ice-cream was delicious than ever. And sadly, we reached the climax, I stood up to leave. And like icing on the cake, as we walk forward, she reminds herself that we thought of capturing the moment and we captured. What she has displayed is the real beauty in a human being. Wonderfully, an extra-ordinarily externally beautiful woman is more than extra-ordinarily beautiful from the inside of her heart. I was in the elevator and she bid at a goodbye standing at the door. That was the greatest goodbye I ever told. The elevator was going down in slow-motion in my eyes as it was unbelievable that I am going back to hell from heaven. 

All through the night and even later, I have been replaying the moments of meeting her, narrating the story to her above all and having a professional dinner with her. The emotion is just brilliant for the faith she has expressed in me and the story. I feel that Tamannaah is very innocent by mind; she is intelligent but very fair by thought & deed, sensitive by heart and strong by mind. Her mind & soul are more beautiful than her matchless visible beauty. I started to believe that she is not from planet earth. How can an earthly creature be so good! She has a beautiful heart, bewitching simplicity, sparkling eyes, resplendently sharp nose, rosy lips, divine presence and radiant mind that are sculpted by God himself in his Zenith. 

I am strongly taking a resolution to myself that if the film takes off as per the plan, I shall give more than my best in ensuring that she gets the biggest hit in this genre and show the world what exactly she is. Looking forward!

-  Narendra Nath


Thursday, 19 April 2018

Towards the 'ZENITH'

                             World in harmony to welcome 'BHARATH ANE NENU'

As the pendulum inside every clock ticks each moment in ease, as the night-sky slowly loses its darkness in pain, and as the earth spins & revolves intensely around the sun to introduce LIGHT to the land, the nearer and closer we are towards the DAY that has been long waited for. The Day when the most celebrated, most worshiped and the most loved SUPERSTAR of Telugu Cinema in this millennium is going to be back to his own soil to taste back the rarest taste of success which has been like a friend to him and yet foes & laughs at him every alternate moment making him and the cinema-frantic Telugu population realize what exactly the value and depth of SUCCESS actually is.

For achieving nothing but the success, in the process of living and loving the art, the man gives his mind, heart, body and soul in actual sense, to the art of cinema in & around which he was born and is going to be till the last breath as he says in his own words. His very statement is full of intensity, love, passion, dedication and emotion but actually is utterly painful to even listen to. Last breath is to us, who have the immense & invaluable fortune to see you, to watch you and to feel your emotions as you live the characters on the digital film but not for you as you are and shall forever be the cover-page if the shapeless world of CINEMA is a shapeful book. 

CINEMA is a medium that can portray the imaginations and emotions in the nearest possible form of reality.  An Actor acts and conveys the intentions of the Director’s imaginations to the world. A star creates his idea of the world created by the Director by delivering it in his style and signature. But a SUPERSTAR is one who does all the fore-mentioned and who in addendum, by every frame of his presence fluctuates the emotions of us, who raises the rush of adrenaline, who haunts us, who inspires us, who makes us mere imitators and who above all makes us feel on top of the entire world. And as few hours go by, the SUPERSTAR of Telugu Cinema shall make us feel on top of the world as we witness the intense, powerful, REAL, ORIGINAL  and emotional reprise of his very own self which actually is digested in every cell of the ones who love him unrealistically more than their own self.

Every creature on this earth takes shape and form through its mother but the mere sight of divine people spurs a intriguing thought that they have come down to us, to our ugly world from the above divine beautiful world. It might just not be an exaggeration but can be very real as it exactly is IMPOSSIBLE for normal materialistic worldly creatures to look divine than divine, real than unreal, better than charismatic and perfect than perfect. Such a divine person sharing his presence on the silver-screen would just make him a SUPERSTAR by itself and as a bonus do we have his simplicity of mind & heart and immense talent and oceanic patience.

By no surprise is it very rare that a story matches his stature and the world created in it to have the capacity & eligibility to accommodate him. It easily explains the reason for the failures of the attempts in-spite of genuine efforts. Content meeting commercialism and a SUPERSTAR in an authentic & emotional larger-than life visual presentation are two lethal combinations that can blast the box-office like a grenade with no traces of the past and with no hope of the future. 

Going into the theatres, feeling the vibrations set by the masterful duo of the Classy Mass Director & the Massy Class Superstar, expect to get the feeling of an electric shock, expect to get emotional, expect to laugh to the ideal man’s velvety sense of humour, expect to want to be so perfect like a real man in romance, expect to feel wondered by his wonderful ideology, expect to get inspired by his bravery, expect to understand that he is always at peace in mind though he is at war of minds, expect to feel sad when he is low, expect to get angered when he is provoked & humiliated, expect to understand the healthy value towards fear of promises kept and expect to understand how to deal with disgust & pain as the SUPERSTAR himself makes you feel and creates a spark of these emotions in our own lives.

As it is boiling and zeroing down, the air in the nature is vibrant than ever, the water in the form of rain is offering its blessing by not appearing unlike the last two untimely advents, the sky is watching with open eyes with all love, the sun shall rise and give all the fire & energy and the earth in the Telugu-Speaking land is in the perfect mood and harmony to welcome  ‘BHARATH ANE NENU’ to this world.

Saturday, 28 January 2017



Perfection, Godliness, Immortality are only myths by far. On Sunday, the 29th of January 2017, ROGER FEDERER, the mascot of the said phenomena, shall give everything to procreate the myths into reality. RAFAEL NADAL, the man of oceanic determination and tungstic will-power shall leave no stone unturned to win the combat which is the hot potato across the planet earth right now. Roger Federer with the single-handed backhand shall stand up to the high tsunamic tides of the Left-handed Top-spinning Rafael Nadal’s Cross-Court-Forehand, the crucial pattern of play that explains everything about them. 

Contrast is what defines Federer-Nadal, ‘FEDAL’ what the Tennis fans fondly quote it. Rafael Nadal was the man who solved the unsolvable Federer puzzle in the latter's zenith and made him look human to our surprise. Roger was back to the drawing board every time Rafael posed a challenge and comes up with the best thing since sliced bread; as a result of it is the evolution of their games towards the ineffable, inconceivable and implausible. From the number of balls taken to Serve, to lifting the trophy, contrast is what exists between Federer & Nadal, which is the sole reason for positioning it as the biggest rivalry in history of sports for that matter. If Nadal has the muscle, Federer has the nerve. One holds the games at the drop of a hat and other doesn’t hesitate to bite the bullet to hold his games. Roger is an artist with equanimity with a method to his madness, Rafael is the Devils’ Advocate, a ruthless warrior with tons of emotion. Both of them most revered & experienced. Roger Federer aptly asked the world not to under-estimate him or his rival Rafael Nadal to not be at their best anymore. Analyzing about one-self accurately is itself a life-time achievement but they understand the greatness & resilience of each other so well even in their Nadir. Cut to the chase, only after six months, do we realize that it is reality.

Two days before what can be called, the Match of the Gigaannum, knowing the magnitude & intensity better than anyone else, ‘’I’ll have to leave it all out here in Australia and if I can’t walk for another five months, that's okay” said Roger Federer, the words that have the power to shake buildings away.  The victory of Roger Federer on Sunday shall state that he is perfect, he is Godly and he is immortal by cementing it with a proof. To have and witness a man of Roger Federer’s mindset, determination, will-power and character is a boon to the Homo sapiens. The species are even fortunate to witness another man, Rafael Nadal with the same grit, determination and will-power at the same time, in the same generation and more co-incidentally battling against each other.  The level of Tennis that Federer & Nadal can produce on-court even in their 30’s cannot be reproduced by today’s best players in their 20's, to say the least.

The FEDERER-NADAL rivalry inspires, thrills, enlivens, exhilarates, stimulates, excites, electrifies and moves us. It breaks boundaries & geographies and is just bigger than the game of Tennis itself, an impossibility by all logic and law. The passion, love and unimaginable love they have for Tennis is ununderstandable by any means. Impeccable aggression meets unbreakable defence. Accuracy battles precision. The Mind versus the Body, both of them equally good in each aspect. The rivalry got more interesting from the very first shot they played at the Masters event in the summer of Miami way back in 2004. The King was challenged by the Warrior and as is in 2017, posing a stiff battle on Sunday.

The Nature has put it in such a way that every possible very few minute weakness in Roger’s game can be explored, sensed, tapped and played to, by his rival Nadal’s imperious strengths as a result of the match-ups that are a result of several evolutionary phenomena. Champions have the ‘Champion-Mind-set’ that makes them Champions. Champions make it a mental game when one usually has a better play on a given day and emerge victorious mentally and eventually in the match. Roger’s hardship is in such a way that he has to fight every minute thing against Nadal in the game, technique, and tactics and even in the Champion-mind-set. Every victory that he earns against Nadal is equal to 10 victories of Nadal against Federer. It is the biggest possible match against the worst possible opponent.

The spirit of the Final is so high. Tennis-lovers & followers are sleepless with its fever imbibed with the only thought, feeling & emotion about it. Roger Federer’s mind is the most happening thing in this second with the best thought-process and strategising under process and his heart beating for Tennis. Less said, Rafael Nadal’s mind is the factory of determination and for sure revises and strives to establish in the zone to play his rival.

There is no word to describe the greatest achievement a man can attain. It needs to be coined if the outcome of the match shall be in his favour. In the battle of the titans, ROGER FEDERER’s triumph is what this planet’s best experience can be ever since its formation. 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


1.00 Am..

7th May 2014..


A day after an end to the HIGH-decibel canvassing over the State...

Visible Tension & Friction between the two most dramatic political lords for the CHAIR..

Attacks, Counter-attacks. 

Money, Liqour.. 

Predictions, bettings & Exit Polls..

Public holiday..Discussions & Arguments..

More than 1.5 lakh Police-personnel and 250+ companies of Central paramilitary forces landing into the SEEMANDHRA state..

A never before caution and attention...

Greater than anything & everything, a DRAMATIC REALITY..

It is the happening in multifold. For gaining a majority over the 175 Assembly seats & 25 Lok Sabha seats from the residual Andhra Pradesh state and to sit on the CHAIR, they who have become the two lords of politics in the state are literally leaving no stone unturned to impact people in their quest for the best result.

This phase of elections can by all reasons be termed as the most 'CURIOUS & DRAMATIC'. Nevertheless, politics in Andhra Pradesh have always been full of politics and drama though. Why this needs a special mention is because it has taken it to the next level. 

The State will turn into a garrison for polls in hours and several apprehensions of violence being recorded as the rivals slug it out in the 13 wide districts.

The objective is not to state who is better or the best but to understand the intensity,depth,stupidity,rarity & meaning of the situation.

The CHAIR, which is over and above everything is the house of power as well as the largest & biggest addiction. It is more powerful than Money,drugs & women. The desire for Power, to sit on the CHAIR and to have the feeling is greater than Money. 

We have seen them using all the political intelligence and doing the hardest hard-work to do the best possible promotion for themselves in people's minds behind which is the unselfish selfish desire to win, to work for the people and sit on the CHAIR. To have that feeling isn't odd. Certainly is great .To rule the state and to be the care of address to people is a feeling which is of a Narcotic character. 

From Kings to Prime Ministers & from BC to AC , eras have changed & times have changed but the desire to sit on the CHAIR has been the same in Man and will it be in the days to come. 

Standing in the night-light,  hours before the dawn on a deserted road accompanied by the air carrying the Vibrations of political drama, I can feel the intensity,depth,stupidity,rarity & meaning of the situation and I am dramatically curious than ever to witness how the day of Voting by the people goes and what it finally results into and whom the CHAIR belongs to. 

Monday, 9 December 2013



BRITNEY JEAN SPEARS, started achieving things and making news from her day-1 in a hurry as if there is no time on earth to relax and to top the Popular Pop world right in her teens..!! From there there is no turning back..!! Having reached the pinnacle of Name,Fame and Iconic Following, facing the Highest Ups and more the downs & hurdles, I personally feel Britney Jean Spears has an understanding of life which the rarest of the rarest on earth will have..!! 

Britney Spears in our minds, will forever be the 'Not that Innocent' Innocent girl from the early aughts. From her 'Baby one more Time' Times to the 'Britney Jean' days what she consistently maintained was 'BEING HERSELF' whatsoever and wheresoever..!! Her usual style of doing things always is to do the unusual things so usually.
A Woman, a Beautiful Sexy Woman, who is ideally and literally short of materialistic nothing just in her early twenties, what more can she look out for ?  When I say ' A BEAUTIFUL ' specifically, it means a lot. Just put yourself into her shoes, you are just short of nothing on earth at that point, millions of fans behind!!

She has taken the world by a storm with her music,her way of portraying herself and peaked her career, played with her personal life, broke down and again re-proved what she is, a STRONG woman with an Iron will, a mother of two and consolidated herself right on the top, cut to the present.

Her latest Studio Album 'Britney Jean' conveys what she has personally gone through in various instances of her life. The soul of the discussion is to convey what she wants to convey through 'Britney Jean'.  

Amidst these happenings, we have seen the Lady Gagas, Katy Perrys, Keshas & Rihannas, listened to their numerous albums and heard their news..!! Good or Bad result, what separates Britney Spears from these fancy pop icons is the Originality,the Inspiration, the Desire, the Motivation, the Under flowing current in the voice that conveys the love for Music and the interest to Entertain. There is a lot to be understood and learnt from her life. She always has had the talent of conveying the message through the soul of each album which lives in every song of the album.

Being alone,listening to an album of Spears always takes me in to a trance. Her Music is a class apart, which always is drawn upon the feelings of her heart. And she has the most Beautiful Heart in the Universe. 

I want to describe the most important tracks of the 'Britney Jean' which will have an EVERLASTING impact on Me..!! 

Everyone has a message to tell and an advice to give. The message will rarely be heard and advice will hardly be listened to usually. But when Britney Spears says 'Work Bitch', it certainly has an impact because she said in her style in the song and with a history of achievements and just what she has done. She worked and achieved being Britney Spears. Women out there , who have the fire inside will certainly be sparked by this banger. She said it her way, given a touch of her class to finish the song with her vocals which have the power to connect to the aims and ambitions A friend of mine was saying " It makes me think of the 1% who are born wealth and used to getting everything handed to them.Someone needs to tell them..You better work bitch!. ",
while another was saying, " I was at the gym... I was so tired and wanted to stop running. This song came on.... Yeah... I kept running. ".  That's the impact the song can have.

 I really want to touch the feet of Britney Spears with pure reverence for singing a song like 'Passenger'. For the first time in my life, I do not know what to say or what to write about this song. 
I have the highest feeling, don't know what to quote this feeling as, when I listen to it. This song has the HIGHEST impact on me. If it wasn't for Spears, it wouldn't have been what it is. The way she sang it, I don't know how to say. 
Whatever I say , will absolutely be an understatement. I am able to tell not even a 0.0000001% of the highest feeling I have for this song.
It starts with a low-mid tempo sneaking music , followed by a high tempo Voice which aren't balanced initially and the beauty lies in that imbalance. Music and the Vocals come into a perfect symphony only through the midway of the track and from there, the song takes you off to infinity. The voice has to be given the credit for creating such an IMPACT. Sensational Music too. What a song..!! English has no literature to describe it..!! She is right IN THE ZONE..!!

The emotion of losing something is rare & flashy. The confession, the bad feeling & the guilt and imagine how rarely you lose a person and how it feels. 
Spears has lost many things and many people in her journey through the Popular Culture. She gets it on spot right with her thoughts in the song "Till its gone" by conveying the emotions she went through. This was the song that stunned me the very first time I listened to it. I completely realized & understood why I love this woman so much. She just stunned me with a shock and redefined my respect for her and I absolutely,completely & perfectly realized why she is Britney Spears.
The emotion in this song usually has to be conveyed honestly with a low beat and serious vocals. Unlike it, Spears has done her usual by doing the unusual. She knows the value of losing but still does it in her naughty attitude by making the song a racy number with a high upbeat. And yes, it worked out. The vocals are so powerful and the music is so upbeat. The unusual combination.
Usually, its the upbeat or the synchronization between the upbeat and vocals that work out for an upbeat song but here , its the high-tempo intense voice that completely adds beauty to the song mostly and the upbeat secondly. 
She always tries to be herself by making songs about the happenings and emotions of her life. You really don't know what you have got until its gone..!!  It will stand as one of the raciest numbers in her career.

When I listen to this song "Perfume", sitting alone , eyes closed, mind shut, listening to it, just listening to it,  I feel I was going through her life, her thought process, her heart and HER. How pleasant the song opens, I felt that pleasant her heart is. I can simply feel her through the song.
Spears gained lot of attention with her great Oratory skills, Spontaneity, Talking power,Sense of Humour, Looks and  her nature. I can feel all these when I am listening to it. She has got a great Heart, an angel by nature. Its an epic song with beautiful lyrics co-written by Spears perfectly describing the thoughts and imaginations of a woman in Love.

'Alien' describes the loneliness of being a star, being a sought after,surrounded celebrity and how difficult it is to find one who makes you feel that you are not alone. She has gone all through these phases and experienced all the possible loneliness on earth. Being her favourite track, makes sense how much she was alone and how she found a person who makes her feel that she is not alone.  

Jamie Spears, sister of Britney Spears has for the first time shared her voice with her sister in her sister's album for a song called 'Chilling with You'. It gives a clue about the liking towards red wine elder Spears has and for the white wine the younger Spears has. 
When you truly like some one, you like the time spent with them and when you want to express it to them , you start saying ' When I am with You,...!!". That's how it starts. Such a nice and sensitive feeling the song carries through.
Younger Spears also has a great touching voice. If you only listening to both of their voices, you would say Jamie's Voice is the elder one and Britney's is the younger. The actual elder,Britney has that young attitude in her voice still. She is so young and active by heart.

One half of the album is high level International Pop with great technical standards and values while the other half strikes to the common man at every region. 
Simple appealing music with melody and in-depth meaning in the songs like 'Dont Cry','Chilling with you', 'Brightest Morning Star' ,'Hold On Tight'..!!  The album is very pleasant &  smooth-flowing overall and is a great blend of upbeat & mid-tempo music..!! 

Having listened to the Artpops, Prisms, Bangerz & Diamonds by Gagas, Perrys,Cyruses & Rihannas, I strongly feel Britney Jean Spears can entertain & convey a lot more than them with her Music.
Every song of Britney Spears which she has been a part of have an impact only because those were sung by her. Anyother Pop diva cannot make such an impact because rather than the music and Voice its the person that carries the soul of the song. Britney Spears, richly experienced only can give you the Best impact.
There is always an underlying current, the inspiration, a STATEMENT and Meaning in every album of hers. 'Britney Jean' is no exception Its a heart-to-heart communication between her and her fans. 

Spears has co-written every song in the album and majority feel she is back to the top of her Music as she reminds the album 'Britney' with 'Britney Jean'.

Love the every single letter of the album title 'Britney Jean'.

Spears is the only Queen of Pop who stood by it has been making news since the millennium consistently.

 With Love to Britney Jean Spears, the Pop Goddess..!!