Tuesday, 6 May 2014


1.00 Am..

7th May 2014..


A day after an end to the HIGH-decibel canvassing over the State...

Visible Tension & Friction between the two most dramatic political lords for the CHAIR..

Attacks, Counter-attacks. 

Money, Liqour.. 

Predictions, bettings & Exit Polls..

Public holiday..Discussions & Arguments..

More than 1.5 lakh Police-personnel and 250+ companies of Central paramilitary forces landing into the SEEMANDHRA state..

A never before caution and attention...

Greater than anything & everything, a DRAMATIC REALITY..

It is the happening in multifold. For gaining a majority over the 175 Assembly seats & 25 Lok Sabha seats from the residual Andhra Pradesh state and to sit on the CHAIR, they who have become the two lords of politics in the state are literally leaving no stone unturned to impact people in their quest for the best result.

This phase of elections can by all reasons be termed as the most 'CURIOUS & DRAMATIC'. Nevertheless, politics in Andhra Pradesh have always been full of politics and drama though. Why this needs a special mention is because it has taken it to the next level. 

The State will turn into a garrison for polls in hours and several apprehensions of violence being recorded as the rivals slug it out in the 13 wide districts.

The objective is not to state who is better or the best but to understand the intensity,depth,stupidity,rarity & meaning of the situation.

The CHAIR, which is over and above everything is the house of power as well as the largest & biggest addiction. It is more powerful than Money,drugs & women. The desire for Power, to sit on the CHAIR and to have the feeling is greater than Money. 

We have seen them using all the political intelligence and doing the hardest hard-work to do the best possible promotion for themselves in people's minds behind which is the unselfish selfish desire to win, to work for the people and sit on the CHAIR. To have that feeling isn't odd. Certainly is great .To rule the state and to be the care of address to people is a feeling which is of a Narcotic character. 

From Kings to Prime Ministers & from BC to AC , eras have changed & times have changed but the desire to sit on the CHAIR has been the same in Man and will it be in the days to come. 

Standing in the night-light,  hours before the dawn on a deserted road accompanied by the air carrying the Vibrations of political drama, I can feel the intensity,depth,stupidity,rarity & meaning of the situation and I am dramatically curious than ever to witness how the day of Voting by the people goes and what it finally results into and whom the CHAIR belongs to. 

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