Sunday, 4 December 2011



Real Cinematic world and Cinematic Real world sound similar but mean dissimilar. No wonder that Cinema is the most common discussed topic across the globe It is a source of popular entertainment and a powerful method for indoctrinating citizens. Any person, regardless of his age, origin and nationality will have an idea about Cinema.
In this modern never-changing world, it is we who ever-change and get excited when we are over the top or something great happens to us. This is when the adrenaline rush occurs. But we are in position to understand the greatness of the great thing by having a pre-conceived ideology. Cinema and adrenaline are illogically related. It might not make any sense .But even if it is scientifically or logically proved wrong, it is true. Adrenaline rush is a wonderful feeling that occurs very involuntarily and naturally. However, in this natural process of adrenaline rush, there is an artificiality caused by Cinema.
The preconceived ideology of knowing the greatness and the insignificance of the things in life is involuntarily formed in people by watching films. From the childhood, films have a consistent effect on the thinking process.
                   Cinema, it is such a powerful media and can do wonders. It has a very lasting effect on people’s minds. It can picture lots of characters and things which we haven’t at least seen in our life.  For example: Mythological characters like Lord Krishna & Lord Rama, Dinosaurs etc. People just hear about them. But it is films that make them visualize and understand how they could have existed if at all they had existed.
People keep on seeking entertainment. For most of the people, it is cinema that entertains them to the highest levels.

                             However I have a very specific and explicit feeling towards Cinema. In fact as a person, I have grown up watching films. My ideology and thinking kept on changing according to the trends of the Cinema. I was very fascinated watching the characters particularly Heroic characters in films. They are so filmy and particularly I love the cinematic and filmy world rather than the REAL-World. A Hero always comes to the rescue in problems and troubles. It isn’t so in the real world. No one is bothered about others. However the idea of rescuing and saving in cinema is absolute and fantastic. It could change the attitude of the hidden heroes in the Real world and make them the Real Heroes.
                          There are lots of types of films, lots of genres of films and methods of making films. Everyone knows it. But what many don’t have an idea is “there are various methods of watching films”, which are hidden and come out involuntarily depending on the thinking and the ideology of a person. A Film can be understood in as many ways as possible as in as many ways as it can be seen. The mode of understanding a point varies with the point of view in which it is seen at that point of time.
It the love for the films which made me feel and write this.
"Cinema is the Greatest Invention".


  1. Welcome to this World ! Am happy to c u here. A person like you has to blog n u did it today :)
    I can the passion for cinema in u. I guess ur body is filled not with CELLS but CELLULOID ;)
    No words... wish I cud join u down the line..(as a learner)

    I cant say ALL THE BEST bcz its very less. Just rock it. This passion has no end. Any success or failure not gonna put u down...thats ur CINEMA WORLD !!

  2. Thanq Satya..!! :)
    u wer very poetic in praising me as well.!!
    like the blog name of urs..!!

    And u wer very right about the words u told about passion..!! It has no end,it is evrything..!!